We ensure that you fully understand your hearing loss and your unique hearing needs.

Our services include prevention, evaluation, and treatment of hearing loss for patients ages 4 and up. We provide solutions and support for you and your family, using advanced technology and expertise.

We offer a wide variety of hearing aids from the most discreet to the most powerful products suitable for all individuals, regardless of age or degree of hearing loss.

At Riverside Hearing Care we work with reputable manufacturers offering the most trusted and technologically advanced hearing aids and accessories.

Find the right hearing aid for you.

  • Hearing Test

    Using the latest in audiological diagnostic equipment, we will perform a comprehensive hearing assessment to accurately determine if you have hearing loss. 

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation

    We carry hearing aids in every style from all major manufacturers and will help you choose the right hearing aid to accommodate your budget and individual needs. 

  • Hearing Aid Maintenance

    We provide service on all makes and models of hearing aids.We carry batteries for all types of hearing aid, including rechargeable batteries.

  • Tinnitus Consultations

    Tinnitus affects patients differently and is highly subjective. Tinnitus can significantly affect the quality of a person’s life. We offer a range of sound therapies tailored to your needs.

  • Occupational Hearing Testing

    At Riverside Hearing Care we strongly believe in prevention of noise induced hearing loss.
    We provide pre-employment testing and developed a hearing conservation program which includes hearing tests provided on site or at our clinic and customized hearing protection for the employees.
    We provide health and safety education seminars on noise induced hearing loss.

  • Home Visits

    We know that many people are unable to leave their homes and yet require assistance with their hearing.  We offer in-home consultations and hearing testing services. We come to you.

  • Custom Ear Plugs

    We offer a variety of premium quality custom ear plugs.  These include swim plugs, industrial protection, musician’s ear plugs, hunter’s ear plugs, and noise breaking ear plugs.

  • Pediatric Assessments

    We provide Hearing assessments, Middle ear testing, Otoacoustic emission testing (OAE), Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing to children ages 5 and up. No referral required.

    Our audiologists have extensive pediatric experience.

  • Assisstive Listening Devices and Accessories

    A variety of devices and accessories to be used with or without hearing aids to improve listening.

  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Testing

    This safe and painless test is perfect for testing small children or those who may not be able to give accurate verbal feedback. Electrodes placed on the child’s head measure the brainwave responses to a series of sounds. This is perfect for identifying clients who may need further testing.

  • Central Auditory Processing (CAP)

    Also known as Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), CAP is a condition which makes it more difficult to hear, especially in noisy situations, even when a hearing test is normal.

    This type of testing is usually recommended from the school aged child’s physician or teacher. CAP can cause problems learning, mood and behaviour and can even mimic other conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).Testing for children ages 6 and up, no referral required.

    CAP testing is beneficial to adults and children who suffered from an acquired brain injury or traumatic injury.